Our Mission and Explorer Team

Our Mission


We at Space Mind Explorers are dedicated to uncovering the secrets and structure of both our universe and our minds. We want to learn, teach, and of course explore the infinite possibilities within both fields. Join us on our journey into the unknown as we attempt to widen our understanding of reality and tackle exciting topics such as space exploration, universal structure, perception, meditation, lucid dreaming, and much more.

The Explorers

At the moment, the Space Mind Explorers team is made up of only two people.

Austin Corn – Founder and Administrator

Mike Dorval – Chief Editor, Contributor and PR

We are a small blog as of now, but we may be looking to bring new members onboard within the near future. If you are interested in the topics covered by our site and are eager to improve your writing skills while being part of a close team, feel free to contact us at: austincorn@spacemindexplorers.com and mikedorval@spacemindexplorers.com.